Celebrate the French National Day With a Special FIFA Mobile Program

France is an important player on the international football scene so the French National Day couldn’t pass without being honored in FIFA Mobile. It’s a national holiday but this doesn’t mean that players from other countries cannot enjoy it as well. FIFA Mobile users got the chance to celebrate with their French peers thanks to an in game program especially made to honor the real world celebration held on July 14th. The FIFA Mobile program borrows the holiday’s name, Bastille Day.

The program adds 24 French players to the selection. Users can unlock them using tokens. There are various ways of obtaining the necessary tokens. Players can head out to the in game store and acquire special holiday packs that contain them. Other types of packs offer players the chance to get the desired football player cards. The program uses another kind of tokens besides the ones found in card packs. These are obtained when taking part in VS Attack games. This is the new competitive FIFA Mobile mode that replaced the old attack mode. VS Attack mode is used for matches between players. Live events use the old mode. When players win matches against other players in VS Attack mode, they get tokens that are then used to acquire the new French football players.

There are two ways of getting the players. They can be obtained from card packs available at the store. The packs to look for are called French Celebration packs. One free pack is given to all players. This pack contains a base program player and a token called Fete Nationale. These are the tokens needed to get more players. Juillet tokens are the ones obtained from VS Attack games. Players get 14 of them each time they win a match. One Fete Nationale token can be acquired for 14 Juillet tokens. There is no other way to get Juillet tokens than to win matches. Players exchange Fete Nationale tokens for a random program player.

So what do you think about this idea? ?Will you join it? FIFA Mobile Coins will help you get the players you want for your team. Wish you have fun in gmae.