Fire And Ice Clash In The New FC 24 Versus Campaign!

Find FC 24 coins for sale at fantastic prices only on U7Buy! The Versus program kicks off in FC 24. This is the first campaign of the new year. You might remember the Versus event from last year, but things have changed a bit now. FC 24 had some New Year resolutions as well. Let’s see what the new year, new me means for our favorite football simulation game. Hint: it all starts with the Versus program.

What You Need to Know About FC 24 Versus

As we’ve said, this is not the first instance of the program. However, this year’s Versus promo comes with a new rule. The Fire and Ice card versions arrive in the same pack. When you hear the word versus, you might be inclined to think that you need to pick a side. That’s not necessarily true. Who says that you need to pick Fire over Ice or the other way around? Why not both? The Versus promo rolls out new cards. Each player item has two cards: Ice and Fire. What is the difference? Let’s find out! While both cards represent the same footballer, there are straightforward differences between the two versions. The most noticeable distinction is the player picture, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Each card has its own stats and chemistry. The newly introduced play style feature is present as well. Each item has a distinct play style. The positions are different as well. The boosts together with the weak foot and moves upgrades make the Fire and Ice cards unique. What both cards have in common is the OVR.

Introducing the FC 24 Versus Players

The new FC 24 Versus collection consists of premium and reward cards. Each player has two items. The Fire version is about the national legacy of the player. It will link players from the same country to create team chemistry. The Ice card is about the player’s achievements with their club. Footballers from the same team will have chemistry. FC 24 Versus Team 1 is the premium selection. You can find these cards in packs. Both Fire and Ice versions are available at the same time. Team 1 comprises 12 players and 24 cards. The featured players include Neymar Jr, Son, Morata, Sergio Ramos, Lauriente, Camavinga, Marco Asensio, Trippier, Marta, Hradecky, Sissoko, and Spinazzola. The OVR of these items ranges from 93 to 85. The highest-rated cards in Team 1 belong to Neymar Jr. As you probably have imagined, Versus players can also be acquired from FC 24 Squad Building Challenges. The Raheem Sterling Ice and Fire SBC series includes two challenges that reward the two Versus cards. The Versus event provides a good opportunity to acquire new cards to start your FC 24 2024 journey. However, more opportunities await. We have the December Players of the Month to obtain as well as the rewards from Icon and Player Moments SBCs.

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