Here’s Why You Should Play EA Sports FC 24

Year after year, EA Sports releases their beloved football game, and year after year, football video game fans wonder if it’s still worth it to play. Whether you’re a casual football gamer, a hardcore grinder, or the kind of player who likes getting EA FC boosting, there are still plenty of reasons to come back to this soccer video game series.

The name might be new now (due to a change of licensing agreements) but it’s still the same old FIFA game you know and love—and more! On the fence about whether you should finally get this game? Here are some things that might convince you to finally do a kick-off of your EA Sports FC career.

Realistic Football Atmosphere Can’t Be Beat

The FIFA games are a class of their own and have earned their popularity and renown among sports video games. Sure, it’s still far from perfect and there’s always room for improvement, but what EA Sports has perfected is, arguably, the atmosphere.

EA Sports FC 24’s realistic football atmosphere is hard to top. Its Hypermotion V technology tries to mimic the realness of football matches—from ball and player physics to statistic overlays and even the wear and tear of the field. And if you play with the PS5’s DualSense controller, you even get haptics that add to the immersion.

New Mechanics That Keep Things Fresh and Exciting

When you release a football video game every year, you’re bound to run into the problem of boring your audience with the “same old, same old” fare of kicking balls. Luckily, in this new iteration of EA’s yearly football game, they added new mechanics that have made things fresh and exciting for old and new players alike.

Evolutions in Ultimate Team lets you level up and evolve your player cards to improve certain attributes. This means that some cards have a chance to be better than their base states. Meanwhile, Tactical Visions in Manager Career lets you easily shape how you want your dream team to be. Customization is a big thing in this game!

Newly Added Player Feedback Portal to Voice Out Your Concerns

In a surprising move from EA, you can now directly share your feedback about the game through their Player Feedback Portal. You simply pick the relevant categories and then choose whether it’s an issue affecting players or a suggestion.

It’s still in beta mode and very new, but it’s good to know that there’s another avenue—an official one, at that—where players can have their voices heard. So if you’ve got some thoughts or concerns regarding FC 24, it’s now easier to share them.

Player Additions and Upgrades

EA has definitely upped the content for FC 24 by adding more players, teams, and leagues, especially with the women’s division in Ultimate Team. You can now have the greats from women’s football, like the WSL, NWSL, DIF, UWCL, Frauen Bundesliga, and Liga F.

And if you’re serious about building your team and upgrading your cards to their fullest potential, there are constant upgrades and updates for these. It’s fun and rewarding to see your team grow!

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