Bundesliga Stars Prepare to Shine in FIFA Mobile Team of the Season


Greetings, fans of FIFA Mobile! As the eagerly anticipated Bundesliga Team of the Season (TOTS) draws near, excitement is growing and look up to buy cheap FUT players for ultimate team. A preview of what’s to come, including maybe new icons and the most gorgeous FIFA TOTS contenders.

Iconic Arrivals

The rumor mill suggests three legendary Bundesliga players might grace the game as Icons. These prestigious cards, likely obtainable through exchanges, would significantly boost your squad’s overall strength.

Exchange Mania

The upcoming update promises a major overhaul of the exchange section. You can expect a wider selection of Bundesliga TOTS cards to be available, giving you more opportunities to acquire top German players for your team. This influx of Bundesliga talent could significantly alter the game’s meta, so be prepared to adapt your strategies.

TOTS Player Predictions:

Forget the official team, everybody! Here are my selections for the best TOTS contenders this year, depending on how great they’ve been playing:
1. Robert Lewandowski ( Bayern Munich)
2. Christopher Nkunku (RB Leipzig)
3. Jude Bellingham (Borussia Dortmund)
4. Erling Haaland (Borussia Dortmund)
These players had astonishing careers in Bundesliga for their clubs. Each of these players has helped their sides win multiple matches and made a sound impact in this league.

“How the Best Are Selected: The Selection Process

Hi there, supporters of football! Ever wonder how the best players are chosen for the Bundesliga Team of the Week? Now, you can stop wondering! As we will tell you the criteria and process of the selection.
 Expert Opinion: A group of coaches, analysts, and commentators who specialize in football choose the top players from the Bundesliga season.
 Statistical Analysis: Using statistical analysis, we determine which players have had a major influence on the field. This includes numerous other important stats, such as assists, passes completed, and goals scored.
 Voting by viewers: This is your chance! We are allowing fans to vote in order to give you a say in who gets to make the final cut.
 Final Pick: After examining all of the nominations, statistics, and fan votes, our experts select the final eleven players.

Our objective is to make sure that only the most deserving players are included in the Bundesliga TOTS, despite the rigorous process involved. We want it to be the best it can be because it is the team of the season after all.”

Strategic Tips and Considerations

With the Bundesliga TOTS coming, here are some smart strategies to help you succeed:

  • Be patient and save your gems! Consider conserving your in-game gems for the next Bundesliga TOTS tournament. This will give you the opportunity to participate in special pack openings and maybe acquire important player packs.
  • Use Target Exchanges wisely. The new exchange section provides great opportunities. Analyze the various swaps and choose the ones that provide the best value for your team’s needs.
  • Complete challenges. Don’t miss out on great prizes! Participating in tasks linked with the Bundesliga TOTS event will earn you valuable resources such as money, experience points, and even special player packs.


The Bundesliga TOTS promises to be a major event in FIFA Mobile, bringing a wave of excitement and fresh challenges. With iconic players potentially joining the fray alongside a revamped exchange section and a talented pool of Bundesliga TOTS contenders, moreover checkout FC 24 coins for sale from u7buy.The game’s meta is poised for a shift. So, start strategizing, save your resources, and get ready to experience the best of German football in FIFA Mobile!