NBA Live Mobile Auction House Tips

The auction house is the cheapest place to get players. Card packs contain random items. Some of them will be player cards for sure but there’s no way of knowing the contents of a pack before opening it. This is why buying players from the auction house is way better than spending coins on packs and hoping the desired player will drop.

Start price. Current bid. Buy now. Start price represents the amount of coins from where the bidding starts. Current bid is latest price offered by a player. If there is a double dash sign instead of a number that means that no bid has been placed yet. Buy now is the price that ends the auction. It is usually pretty high.

Search filters. NBA Live Mobile auction house has four search filters. Player name, team and position are self explanatory. OVR rating field allows users to select an OVR range for players. Type field refers to player quality such as gold, elite, bronze etc.

Green is better, red is worse. The players shown after a search will have a green or red number that represents the comparison with the player that is currently occupying the same team position.

Sniping filters. To make the most out of their coins users will want to buy low and sell high. Sniping filters are search criteria used to filter the best current deals. Players come up with their own sniping filters by trying multiple combinations.

Auction house cut. NBA Live Mobile auction house has a 10% cut. Those who want to resell players shouldn’t forget about this fee because they might end up losing money.

Constant surveillance. The auction house is a good place to make coins but it can be time consuming. There are many on the hunt for a good deal so users are advised to constantly check bids and time if they want to acquire a certain player.

Late bidding. In general, it’s a good idea to wait before placing a bid especially if there are no bids placed yet. An early bid may start the bidding war and increase the price.

Five minutes refresh timer. Every five minutes, the auction house is refreshed with new items. Make sure to refresh the auction house to keep it updated.

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