How to Play NBA 2K17 in Multiplayer Mode

Pro AM is a mode designed for players that want to tackle NBA 2K17 in a more professional manner. Players will set up a team of 10 and give it a personalized style with custom logos, outfits and courts. The ranking system starts with Amateur and ends with Elite. Along the way, players will enjoy more and more advantages such as sponsors and upgrades.

MyLeague is made for player cooperation. A league can have up to 30 members. Those who play NBA 2K17 in MyLeague mode will unlock specific features such as player trades and playoff races. This mode can also be played offline. To play MyLeague in single player mode users have to access the MyLeague option from the NBA 2K17 main menu.

MyTeam gives NBA 2K17 players the chance to develop their very own NBA franchise. The customization options include logos, outfits, court style and arena changes. Besides line up customization, the squad setup allows players to name their team and create a personalized look. Some of the new NBA 2K17 MyTeam systems include dynamic duo, improved 3 versus 3 mode and free agent cards with limited use. Other upgrades related to player cooperation mode are online leagues. The weekly challenges features underwent some changes as well. MyTeam is not available for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Blacktop is the NBA 2K17 equivalent of quick match. Players will compete in an urban ball environment. Games can be played 1 on 1, 3 versus 3 and even 5 against 5.

MyPark is an NBA 2K17 mode that gives MyPlayer the chance to join a community. There are multiple communities available. Joining a community allows MyPlayer to enjoy a unique perk. MyPark is a competitive mode for community rivalry. There are Rival days when communities compete against each other. Players can choose to compete in teams of two, three or five. Park After Dark is a new NBA 2K17 feature that creates a basketball party experience. Tracks from popular artists liven up the event while players take part in Mountain Dew 3x tournaments.