Brief but Concrete Analysis of Madden NFL 17

Tom Brady and his teammates take to the field once more and this time they did it with Madden NFL 17. The game already has some couple of months outside, but surely there is more than one who doubts whether to buy it or not. Well, for all those who have the doubt, here’s a brief but specific analysis of Madden 17.

Madden NFL 17: The Final Verdict

It is well known that Madden NFL is one of the oldest franchises (as far as sports video games are concerned) and that has been thanks to each year reinvention. Far from simply offering an updated roster, Madden NFL 17 also offers new mechanics and better graphics.
This year’s version does not have the Frostbite graphics engine, although that does not make the game feel good. The offensive and defensive movements are present, as is the action on the pitch. In addition, it features the colorful Career mode and the acclaimed Ultimate Team, as well as an excellent online mode that will keep you stuck to your console for a long time.
In short, Madden NFL 17 is a game made for all lovers of the NFL; however, you do not need to be a fan to enjoy it, since after a 2 or 3 games, the game will catch you.
While playing one of these games for the first time will be difficult because you do not know the rules and objectives, we suggest you give it a try as it is extremely intuitive and you can learn the rules in a couple of games. However, stay tuned as we will talk about the things you have to know about Madden 17 Coins before you play Madden NFL 17 in future.
Curious Fact:
Did you know that Madden NFL 17 is the first franchise game that has been officially distributed in Spain for a couple of years? A couple of years ago, EA decided to move away from Europe because there was not so much demand for this particular franchise.