How to Master NBA Live Mobile Controls

Basic movement. NBA Live Mobile allows users to control players on the court by using the virtual joystick. The basketball player will run to a certain direction dribbling the ball as users move the joystick.

Scoring points. Players score points using the shoot virtual button. When the shoot button is pressed, players will notice a gauge filling up. The button should be released when the level gauge has reached the green zone. There are two types of shots: two points and three points. Three points shot is obtained when the shot is made from outside the arc. If the shot is made from inside then it’s a two points shot.

Sprint. This is done using the drive virtual button. All players have to do to sprint is to press the button.

Pass move. To pass the ball to another team mate, players will press the pass virtual button. This is a very easy move similar to basic movement. The trick is to pass the ball at an opportune time when the player is in a certain area on the court. Players should look for a free or unguarded team mate to pass the ball to him.

Guard. The guard virtual button allows players to prevent the opponent from making a shot or passing the ball. When the button is pressed they will defend. They can also attempt to steal the ball with a quick tap on the guard button. The block button is used to block a shot.

Dunk move. This type of move is performed using two buttons. Drive and shoot buttons appear on the right corner of the NBA Live Mobile user interface. Players will first have to sprint in the direction of the hoop. As they get close to it and while still holding sprint, they will slide their finger upwards towards the shoot button. The dunk is performed when the shoot button is no longer pressed. Special abilities like the clutch move can only be performed by basketball players that have that particular move. Last thing, buy NBA Live Mobile Coins online will help you get good players for your team too.