How to Take Part in NBA 2K17 MyPark Events

NBA 2K17 players who want to experience MyPark features are required to first create a MyPlayer character. MyPlayer is created as part of the single player story driven experience but he can be used in multiplayer modes like MyPark. This activity features five types of events.

Mountain Dew 3x tournament is one of the most popular MyPark events. This is a 3 versus 3 competition in which players earn rewards based on wins and special tokens. When players sign up for this event they receive entry tokens. Mountain Dew 3x has a betting system that uses these tokens and allows players to obtain dew points. Players should be careful when using the tokens as they are eliminated from the tournament if they lose them all. This NBA 2K17 features leaderboards to classify participants. All players who enter the tournament get two jumbo park packs but the top 10 winners get some limited edition Mountain Dew themed items.

Rival Day is another NBA 2K17 MyPark event. Players are encouraged to check out the MyPark schedule to keep updated with event times and other details. This feature now includes affiliation attires with each affiliation having its own uniform. Different locations are available too. Players whose affiliation wins, get rewarded with virtual coins and all sorts of exclusive prizes.

Ante Up event gives players the chance to win millions of coins. Those who take part in this event are required to travel to a specific venue and to take part in some games.

House Rules event has its own rules to keep things exciting. This activity has five special rules such as double value dunks. Just like Ante Up or other events, this one also takes place in its own venue.

Double Rep Weekends are scheduled to take place for as long as the game is available. The digital billboard is the place to check when this event takes place or to find out more about other NBA 2K17 events. And for cheap NBA 2K17 MT, players could buy them from online store whihc is fast and easy.