What’s in the New Patch for Madden NFL 17?

We all know that video game upgrades serve to improve the functionality of certain parts of the content. Sometimes these updates even make the problem worse. We know of updates that have done away with the saved progresses of the gamers. However, there are others that make the experience of the game even better, such is the case recently released by EA Sports for Madden NFL 17.
Specifically, the update is 1.11 and is already circulating on PS4 and Xbox One. If you want to know what this patch contains, come with us to find out.
The news comes directly from the official Facebook of EA Sports and in the statement, the following aspects are highlighted:

– Gameplay

Fixed a bug where the offensive tackle would play blocking animation without engaging with a defensive player. It also fixed a bug that caused the game speed of Gauntlet, Skills Trainer, and Franchise Game Planning Drills to be extremely slow.

– Madden Ultimate Team

Fixed a bug where a user’s profile settings were not shown in Play-a-Friend games, For online MUT and Draft Champions games, the 3-letter team name shown in the score HUD will now represent the first 3 letters of the Team name just as it does in the Solo Challenges Mode – To update this, you just have to enter Madden Ultimate Team, then go to the “Team” tab and choose the Rename Team title.
– Stability

Fixed an issue where declining the Live Commentary Update (LCU) and powering on from mode could cause significant lag in the menus and in-game and other minor stability improvements.

So this were the updates. Do you think there is something else that EA need to fix? Be free let us know if you have any idea about Madden 17, and remember prepare enough Madden 17 coins for your team while playing.