NBA Live Mobile – User Interface Explained

NBA Live Mobile user interface has a couple of main elements. The first one is the hamburger button (three horizontal lines) that is used to access the main menu. By tapping it, players can access almost all game’s features. There are two displayed menus: a horizontal and a vertical one. The horizontal menu allows players to access the store, the welcome screen, achievements and settings. The settings option contain multiple sections such as game manual, help, preferences, accounts, tutorials, user settings and feedback.

The vertical menu has eight sections. The first three are used to select a different NBA Live Mobile mode. Live events option opens the live events screen. Players can see which events are currently available and also the time left to complete an event. Head to head option displays a map of all players that are available for a match. This selection also allows players to see their rivals and friends and to check out the leaderboards. Players that wish to play against the game’s AI in season mode can tap the season option to open this mode. Leagues option allows players to see their league, to create a new one or to join an existing league. My Team option is used when players want to make changes to their lineups. Detailed info about owned players can be checked out within My Team. The store option takes players to the NBA Live Mobile store. Sets option opens the sets interface. Players can browse sets based on their type, find out more about a certain set or check out a set’s requirements. Auctions option is to access the game’s auction house. Sell items option allows players to sell their owned cards for NBA Live Mobile Coins on the auction house.

The top section of the NBA Live Mobile user interface displays player’s level, stamina, the number of owned coins, the total amount of NBA cash and the inbox. Objectives menu is a list of current objectives such as completing live events or obtaining players.