Get Ready for the New Team of the Season in FIFA Mobile

Team of the Season is a FIFA Mobile feature borrowed from the main FIFA game. It is a feature that was not in the game since the release, it was added with a later update. Players that also own FIFA 17 may be already familiar with Team of the Season or TOTS, but the FIFA Mobile implementation will be different. There were a lot of speculations regarding TOTS on mobile. Some of them proved to be true but the development team decided to surprise the players with some new features. In FIFA 17 Ultimate Team, TOTS is a feature that honors the best footballers from Europe and other parts of the world that showed remarkable performance in the current season. So far, TOTS in FIFA Mobile is limited to European players.

Team of the Season in FIFA Mobile will feature teams from the main European Leagues. The selected countries are Spain, England, Italy, France and Germany. The news, announcements and other important notifications are set to follow the schedule of Team of the Season from FIFA 17 Ultimate Team. Players are also reminded to cast their votes for the Bundesliga Team of the Season. FIFA Mobile Team of the Season will start at a later date than TOTS on console. Those who only play FIFA Mobile can head out to the official FIFA 17 Ultimate Team website and check out more about this feature. So far, there are three community picked Teams of the Seasons. The eligible footballers were those that had good season performance but weren’t selected for the Team of the Week. There are three community TOTS and each one has only bronze, silver or gold players. Players that are interested in this feature and want to learn more about it are invited to follow FIFA Mobile on Twitter. Player item cards from Team of the Season can be acquired in game. Details are posted on Twitter and on the TOTS blog. Stay tuned with us for more FIFA Mobile news and cheap FIFA Mobile Coins information.