Don’t Miss Out on NBA Live Mobile Community Challenges for Great Rewards

There are lots of ways of earning NBA Live Mobile prizes. The most common way is completing game activities like sets or live challenges. Seasons, league versus league and head to head multiplayer are game modes that reward players with items and NBA Live Mobile coins. The objectives list is a game feature that gives players all sorts of tasks but there is another way to find rewarding activities.

Players who follow the game on Twitter may already be familiar with community, social or YouTubers challenges. NBA Live Mobile YouTubers or regular players sometimes challenge the other players to complete an event with a bigger score than the one achieved by them. It’s really easy to take part in such a challenge. In most cases, the YouTuber uploads a video with him completing a live event and asks the players if they can beat his score. The proof is most of the times sent in the form of screenshot as a tweet with a certain hashtag. Sometimes screenshots are sent directly to the challenger. It’s up to the one that initiates the challenge on how the proof is sent. Any player can issue a challenge and tweet it on the NBA Live Mobile official page so all followers find out about it. Some challenges are made in collaboration with the NBA Live Mobile development team.

During the Spring event, UberYouTuber was featured in the game as part of a challenge. A limited event in which players had to beat his score on the skills challenges was available. He managed to complete it in 13 seconds. Players that got a better time were asked to tweet a screenshot on the official NBA Live Mobile Twitter account for a chance to win special items. Another challenge issued by an NBA Live Mobile player was to beat his 26 points score achieved in a three points contest live event. Players that got a better score and sent proof entered a draw to win a Stephen Curry card with 94 OVR. Challenges like these two are always available, players just need to follow NBA Live Mobile on Twitter to find out fast about them as they’re time limited events.