FIFA 17 and its Ultimate Team are already here as we have already explained in many guides, as well as their trading. From the game of EA one can get rich in real life by selling coins for the mode quoted above with the famous trading, although it is very complicated and many times resort to traps.
What is the trading? Basically, buy cheap players and sell them at a higher price. Today we bring you some tutorials that will help us to obtain coins in a clean way, without traps or automatic programs that do it for us. It requires some time and patience, yes. Let’s go there:
The first method is the lifelong classic: choose a player, buy it at a cheap price and then sell it for a higher amount. A good example of this is Gabi, from Madrid, which can be purchased for 800 coins and sold for 1000. Once you will know a little, but if we do 10 times … cast numbers.
These are the players you can trade:
Bundesliga: Kagawa, Herrmann, Baba.
Santander: Kovacic, Lemos and Vidal (the one from Barcelona).
It would be A: Eder, Muriel and Trello.
Premier: Montero, Ings, Töre (best league for trade).
As we said, these are some of the examples that go well. But there are other methods that work well, like the one used by Alke78, which consists in filtering by position and country the player in question. For example, Italian offensive medium centers are very few, so they are a nest to exploit as far as trading.
Finally, the sniping method is one of the most effective to get many coins. But what is this method? Sit down and wait.
It consists of looking for players in “Buy now” at a price of laughter. To do this, we will use the following parameters:
Minimum price: 150
Minimum purchase price: 150
Maximum price: 1000, from there up.
Maximum price “Buy now”: 700, and if not, 750. And so on.
Also, if this causes you problems, you can always rely on our FIFA 17 coins service, which, by the way, is safer than these ones.