Have You Completed These Rare NBA 2K17 Steam Achievements?

How Much Ya Got has been completed by 0,1% of all NBA 2K17 Steam players. This achievement is obtained while playing MyCareer mode if MyPlayer signs a max deal in free agency.

Perfection was obtained by 0,2% of all players. To get this one, players must take part in Play Now Online and win 10 Greatest of all Time matches.

Deja Vu is another achievement obtained by 0,2% of the Steam player base. It’s a secret achievement that is acquired by getting prestige in MyTeam Online mode.

Represent is an achievement for MyPark mode. Players get it when they win three Rival Day Matches. Only 0,2% got it so far.

Form Blazing Sword is another MyPark achievement obtained by 0,2% of all players. It’s a secret achievement that requires players to upgrade a card pack with five duplicates in the same slot.

On The Rise was obtained by 0,3% of the 2K Pro-Am players who won while being part of a Pro-Level or better team.

Next Level is a MyTeam Blacktop secret achievement obtained when reaching level 10 in this mode. It has been obtained by 0,6% of all players.

Flexin’ is earned in MyPark mode by going shirtless, 0.6% of the players have it.

Always the Comedian is a secret achievement acquired when MyPlayer decides to take the funny commercial for shoes contract. The percentage of the players who have it is 0,6.

Ringer was obtained by 0.9% of the players. It’s obtained in Play Now Online when players manage to win against a Tier 1 team with a team from a lower tier.

Pssst! is a secret MyTeam achievement obtained when players solve a code. It has been acquired by 1,2% of the players.

The First of Many has been earned by 1,8% of all players. To get it, they must achieve a call-up in Play Now Online.

What’s My Line is a MyPark achievement obtained when players get a 5 PTS, 5 REB or 5 AST or better, 1,8% of the players have this one.

Lift It Up is acquired in Playoffs mode when players win an NBA title, 1,9% of all players achieved this.

So here it is. Hope this small article is helpful to you. Prepare enough NBA 2K17 MT to get better players for your team and then you can start.