Why Madden NFL 18 Will Be the Best in the Series?

Welcome everyone! Thank you for continuing with us in this complete review of all the good stuff that brings Madden NFL 18. Apparently, this year’s version will be wonderful, unique and unparalleled. Which means that it will keep us glued to our console for hours and hours or even years. Everything can happen in Madden NFL 18.

Today we will talk about another feature that drives us crazy about Madden NFL 18 and it is about the Online mode. Let’s start!

Online mode in Madden NFL 18
Madden NFL 17 left us a bad impression on their online service. This was due to intermittence, failure and a not very nice community (opponents who disconnected when they lost and offensive comments).

Fortunately, the producers of Madden NFL 18 have assured us that the online mode will be improved and updated to provide a more friendly and fun experience for everyone. These improvements will focus on the punishment of people who disconnect from the games or who misuse the written chat and voice.

We can allude to the mechanics that Rocket League has implemented, since it can be reported to a player who is offending us by the written chat and by voice. Once this player is reported, this problem is investigated thoroughly and if it is found that the player used offensive language, it can be suspended online.

Likewise, if a player disconnects from the games when he loses, he will be penalized with minutes or hours without access to the online mode.

In addition, we have been promised dedicated servers to avoid connection problems. Of course, the service can be stopped from time to time to give them maintenance, but only that. No more fallen servers! And about Madden NFL 18 coins, the quick and easy way to get is buying them from online stores. As it said, nfl 18 coins service will be online as long as the game released. Look forward to play.