Target Analysis of Madden NFL 17

If you like football and the NFL, Madden 17 is a must buy. It offers the most complete and realistic gameplay to date and, although graphically has not improved much and is not at the level of other sports franchises in that aspect, it is still a visual, sound and, above all, gameplay that, After all, that’s what matters most.
The graphic aspect is the one that changes less with respect to the previous editions. Madden NFL 17 is a very innovative game in this sense since, except for some new animations in the game of race and some new element of presentation, the game is practically identical to Madden 16.
Madden has not yet started using the Frostbite engine, as FIFA will do in this year’s edition so it will play wait to see if Madden 18 starts to use it and we see a graphic improvement in this game that is largely the same in graphics since Madden 15.
Actually, I must say that it is a game more complicated than in previous years, so I recommend everyone, whether you are new or veterans, before you play the game tutorials to learn all the new mechanics , Which are not few.
Another detail to keep in mind is that, as usual in Madden, the game is only available in English, which for some may be an impediment to play. You do not need a very high level of English to play, but it’s a detail to keep in mind.
– More realistic gameplay to date
– New commenters and comment updates
– Very deep game modes
– In spite of the graphic continuity, incredible presentation
– Completely in English
– Career mode lower than other sports games
– Lack of an Online Cooperative Mode
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