FIFA 17 Crushed in PES 17 Sales

In the fierce struggle to reach the top, every year we witness a frank war, but where Fair Play reigns until now. Gamers, faithful squires, defend without losing their favorite soccer game. PES or FIFA? It is the question that we must answer every year. Without going into details about which was better achieved this season, we can give some information about its sale, which, until now, is winning by thrashing FIFA 17.

Specifically, in Britain, the gap between the two games is abysmal. According to data shared in Social Networks, EA Sports FIFA 17 has sold 1.1 million units since its launch, while Konami’s PES 17 has barely made 50,000 copies. In other words, FIFA has sold 40 times more than PES.

However, there are places where the difference has also been very, very very great. One more example of this can be found in Latin countries, such as Mexico, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. In those countries, fans of FIFA 17 demonstrated that it is the game par excellence, as here also PES 17 lost the battle.

It’s just a sample. In other countries they still do not provide official data, however, the balance tends to lean towards FIFA, although with less difference than in Great Britain. Remember that these games are available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Which prefer? If you still do not decide, check our last article that compares to the aforementioned games. Well, there is always the option to play both. They do not believe?

FIFA 18 and FIFA 18 Coins will go on sale next September 29 and we can not wait to have it in our hands.