What Was Fixed in the Latest NBA Live 18 Update

NBA Live 18 was just released a few weeks ago but this doesn’t mean that the team is going on a break. On October 4th, a patch that addresses some common in-game issues was released. One of the most annoying problems was the one that caused the game to crash. This occurred while players were in Pro-Am Tour. The crash happened while players were talking to the Goodman League representative after they’ve won the tournament. Another crash occurred when players achieved level 50 League Hype. Another unpleasant bug prevented the CPU from making substitution anymore. This would happen if players disabled auto-subs. It was fixed and shouldn’t happen anymore. Players that had troubles with animations for dribbling and hands-up, will not encounter these issues again in the future.

There were three cases with moves that lacked responsiveness. When players will perform catching and shooting, pull up jumpers and shot contests with the right stick, they will notice that the responsiveness is much better now. Playing online is a major part of the entire NBA Live 18 experience. Stability issues would sometimes prevent players from enjoying online modes but this was fixed and the online play should provide a much better experience from now on. The next set of updates concern Live Ultimate Team mode. Attributes went through a series of modifications. Passing was removed. Players will now have an easier time discerning the importance of attributes as the ratings for items have been updated.

A new attribute was added. This is called POST and it’s short for “added post offense”. The new attribute measures a basketball player’s skill to go to the basket and score points from the post. Two attributes were changed. Shooting or SHT for short is now known as mid-range shooting. Players will see it abbreviated as MID. The attribute shows a player’s skill concerning scoring from mid-range jumpers. Another attribute that was changed is dunking or DNK. This is now called finishing and it’s shortened as FIN. The attribute includes scoring with a lay-up and dunking move. So do you like play NBA Live 18 or a fan of NBA 2K18? No matter which game you play we are offer the best service to you always. The good news is we started to offer cheap NBA Live 18 Coins for customers with cheap price and fast delivery.