NBA 2K18 – Have You Acquired These MyTeam Card Additions?

More NBA 2K18 player cards have been added to MyTeam. Players are invited to check out the store and to acquire packs with NBA 2K18 MT for a chance to get some of the newest players. This batch of players is somewhat special as it’s the first time when an amethyst card will be obtainable from packs. The card in question is Signature Karl Malone. This card has power forward position and has 99 in five system proficiency ratings. Malone comes with amazing rebound and score ability. Another attractive thing about this card is that it pairs really well with another Historic card. Players who already have John Stockton from the Double Double collection are in for a big treat. If both cards are owned, they will be upgraded to diamond quality. The amethyst cards are obtained for completing the Historic team collection. Ruby and sapphire cards are acquired from packs.

The Golden State Warriors are represented by an amethyst and a sapphire card. Sleepy Floyd is the amethyst card. This card is a point guard that has good defense. It also comes with gold badges. The sapphire Golden State Warriors card is Robert Parish. From Cleveland Cavaliers we have Brad Daugherty (amethyst) and Zydrunas Ilgauskas (ruby). Daugherty makes a good pair with Sleepy Floyd. Rudy Gay was chosen as the reward for completing the Memphis Grizzlies collection. This is a card that works for an offensive position. Pau Gasol is the ruby card from the Memphis Grizzlies. Antonio Davis amethyst is obtained for acquiring all Historic players from the Toronto Raptors. This card’s best attributes are dunking and mid range shot. The rating for defense and grit and grind is 99. Morris Peterson is the ruby card from this team. Representing the Houston Rockets we have Calvin Murphy (amethyst) and Ralph Sampson (ruby). Murphy has at least 85 rating for all system proficiency attributes. The card also comes with four badges including acrobat and pick and roll maestro. Three more sapphire players (Harper, Ilyasova, and Oakley) and three ruby players (Cummings, Nelson, and Wilkes) can be found in Throwback packs.