NBA 2K18 – What is MyLeague Online

NBA 2K18 is a highly versatile game due to its variety of modes. These modes, single and multiplayer, give players the opportunity to tackle the game from different angles. They can be focusing on developing a basketball superstar in MyCareer mode, follow the story driven The Next Chapter, build a unique team in MyTeam, and play against other users in online matches. One of the many ways to play NBA 2K18 is MyLeague. This mode has an online component called MyLeague Online. This feature has been part of the NBA 2K franchise for a while and has become one of the favorite modes for lots of players. The core gameplay is the same since the mode was first introduced but updates and improvements were made for each game iteration.

Those who are NBA 2K veterans will find MyLeague Online quite familiar. The gameplay is pretty much the same as it was in NBA 2K17, same as the NBA 2K18 MT in game. Players are given the chance to join a league that supports up to 30 participants. This is a highly competitive feature as each player wants to show that their managing skills are superior. When working on NBA 2K18 MyLeague Online, developers considered the feedback received from NBA 2K17 players regarding this feature. Customization was one of the main demands for this mode. Players that are part of the league have more customization tools than they had before. They can create new outfits and uniforms but also arenas or courts. Admins enjoy even more customization features. The new system allows them to make changes to the CPU teams. There is one more feature for admins in the latest game edition. They can reset Playoff games that have been completed but not really finished.

What does this mean exactly? If a user loses a game as a result of them leaving the game for unexpected reasons then the admin can reset the game. This means that the two users can play again. This feature is implemented with fair play in mind. Players are reminded that MyLeague, as well as other competitive modes, are fun to play as long as everyone plays by fair rules.