Were You Affected by the PUBG Ransomware?

PUBG players are at the risk of a game specific targeted malware. Called the PUBG Ransomware, the threat locks the user’s computer. It sounds serious but it’s actually a joke as it does practically no damage. The ones affected by it are those who have Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds installed on their computers. The ransomware encrypts the files on the device. Users will see a screen containing a short message. It says that all files were locked and there are two ways to unlock them: play PUBG for one hour or use the unlock code. Luckily, the ransomware doesn’t have a malicious purpose. The restore code is provided in the message so users can easily regain access to their files. The alternative is to play PUBG for an hour, or so it says in the ransom message. It was reported that only three minutes of playing the game are enough to clear the threat.

The ransomware was most likely meant to be a joke. From a technical point of view, the program that runs it is not that advanced. This means that users could clear it without even playing the game if they decide to play along and not use the restore code, but in this case it takes just three minutes to get rid of it. If you want to know more about the technical aspect, check out bleepingcomputer.com. This is the website that first reported the threat and has some of its code as well.

Users were able to find out about it thanks to the Malware Hunter Team. There is no official statement regarding the ransomware which leads us to think that there is no real threat to it. However, players are advised to keep their computers safe by using anti-virus and other types of security programs. The PUBG Ransomware appears to be just a late April Fool’s prank but it could very well turn into something way serious should the ones behind it decide to ask for money.

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