Get Ready for the Arrival of the TOTS to FIFA 18 With These Tips

As we mentioned, on April 27 the TOTS arrived and we will tell you everything you need to know to be ready!

Save your reward envelopes
The dream of every Ultimate Team player is to see luck in envelopes with a special letter that will solve the economy in his club. In this case, the FIFA 18 TOTS are possibly the best time to do it. Therefore, we recommend that you keep all the gold envelopes that you can to open them during the week in which the TOTS team you want appears. Preferably the Premier League or LaLiga Santander, as they always tend to include the most valuable players.

Sell your most valuable footballers
As we previously advanced, it is almost an obligation to sell the most valuable players of your template, since the decline that the market will experience from this Friday and in the following weeks will cost you many coins if you do not avoid it. Also, with the market going down, it will be the best time to invest in new TOTS players. Speculate without fear.

Invest in OTW and Path to Glorys
Special cards that improve their averages as those players draw an IF in the so-called Team of the Week every Wednesday are always a good investment. We are in the final stretch of the season and you should bring up your knowledge about real football. Therefore, we invite you to invest in those players that have an Ones To Watch or a Path To Glory and that you think will be decisive in the final stretch of the campaign, when the fate of the clubs facing the next year will be will decide.