FIFA 18 Simulation Hit 5 Out of 8 Octave Matches

The simulation of the FIFA 2018 video game simulated the world championship prior to the start of the tournament and hit five of the eight matches that will take place in the Eighth Finals of the tournament held in Russia.

The game coincided in the matches of France-Argentina, Spain-Russia, Uruguay-Portugal, Croatia-Denmark and Colombia-England. Failing only in the matches facing Brazil vs. Mexico, Sweden vs. Switzerland and Belgium vs. Japan.

In those pictures, the video game left Mexico and Japan out of the tournament and put Sweden facing Brazil, Germany as Group G leader against Costa Rica and Belgium measuring Poland in the Round of 16.

Spain vs Croatia and Uruguay vs France

Of the roads that reached the soccer video game, it has Spain beating Russia and the Croats doing the same against Denmark to be measured in the round of the Quarterfinals. FIFA put the Iberians defeating the hosts 3-1, while the Balkans would beat the Danes 2-1.

Another duel that the famous video game considers that is going to take place in the Quarter Finals is that of the national teams of France and Uruguay. Despite Lionel Messi, the game does not believe that Argentina can with the Gauls and gives the victory by the minimum to those of Didier Deschamps, while the others would defeat Portugal with Cristiano Ronaldo and by a score of 2- 1.

Despite having failed in the forecast of the Brazil and Belgium keys, the video game sees the two teams in the Quarterfinals, although it considered that Brazil would beat the Swedes 4-0 and that Belgium would beat 2-0 to Poland.
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