How to Take Part in FIFA 19 Global Series

Global Series is a FIFA 19 tournament with lots of participants. It’s a tough challenge and only the best players get to be part of it. There are five steps to complete to get in the playoffs.

The first step is registration. Players must go to the official FUT Champions website and finish their registration if they want a chance at the big prize. Players who completed the registration will complete the next step by becoming FUT Champions Verified. This is done by taking part in the FUT Champions Weekend League. Players need to score 27 wins in a weekend league. This is the only condition to complete this step. Players’ performance in the weekend league won’t matter that much after they become verified champions. The next step consists of head to head qualifying games. During the season, verified players may get asked to play in other qualifying events such as online qualification contests and licensed events. Players get to participate in these events if they become verified until a certain date. A live event consists of different qualification tournaments that are played online. Each region will have its own tournament. This is a great chance for players all over the world to be part of the competition. The rules for these tournaments are Swiss and single elimination.

The next step is to earn FUT 19 coins and points. Players that have completed the previous step will need to obtain points. Live events are a great way to score these points as well as the weekend league. A small number of points are obtained for scoring at least 20 wins in the weekend league. This is a chance for verified players to still get rewards from the weekend league. The last phase is the most challenging but players who made it this far sure got what it takes to be part of the FIFA 19 Global Series. The number of earned points will determine the players’ leaderboard position. There are separate leaderboards for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The top 60 players from each category will compete in the playoffs. Players will still continue to get points. The top 16 players from each leaderboard will go to the FIFA eWorld Cup.