Madden NFL 19 is Best Played on PC?

Once the novelties of this installment are reviewed, it is now time to talk about its specific qualities in PC, especially the performance and its graphic quality. And is that the PC version of Madden NFL 19 has shown us that it is not a mere port of the console version. Not only do we have a good number of possibilities when adjusting the graphic quality of the game or its resolution, but also the game’s performance is quite consistent, and we have not seen a single drop in FPS at any time to limit them.

Madden NFL 19 is better on PC?
On this, Madden NFL 19 offers some outstanding graphics on PC in both medium quality and high or ultra. The stadiums are bright and impressive, the pitch looks great, and the games are a delight in movement, all with the power of the Frostbite engine as a base. As for the control options, the PC version offers the possibility to play with keyboard and mouse, and even use the mouse as a virtual joystick to have a greater precision in the control of the movement.

Final thoughts
This option is effective to play if we do not have a command compatible with our computer but, whether by habit or convenience, we still find it more natural to use a controller to play Madden NFL 19 on PC. Beyond this, the PC version is a copy of the console versions of Madden NFL 19, with the same content and the same playable possibilities.

What do you think?

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