Why is Cristiano Ronaldo not on the Cover of FIFA 19?

The Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, five times winner of the Golden Ball, has been involved lately in controversies outside the field of play and that have to do with his private and commercial life.

The forward today of Juventus was chosen by EA Sports as the main and cover image of the video game FIFA 19 that was released on September 28, 2018.

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When the Portuguese was chosen as a figure of the game, he wore the Real Madrid shirt and did not have in mind or planned to change equipment and play for ‘La Vecchia Signora’ of Italy.

Given this difficulty, EA Sports decided to change the shirt, but the situation was complicated after Cristiano was involved in several off-court scandals, mainly the accusations of violation of the ex-model Kathryn Mayorga.

In spite of the denunciations and the affirmations of the attacker in which it indicated that it is an example “inside and outside the land of game”.

FIFA 19 decided to temporarily remove the image of Cristiano in October.

By the end of 2018 Ronaldo returned to appear on the cover of the game and it was believed that the controversy would end, but in the first days of 2019 EA Sports unveiled a new version of FIFA 19 and again disappeared the photo of the Portuguese and in his place were the Brazilian Neymar, the Argentine Paulo Dybala and the Belgian Kevin De Bruyne.

Although today EA Sports has not manifested or explained why the image of Cristiano Ronaldo disappeared from Fifa19, it is assumed that the accusations of rape and the constant polemic outside the courts are the main reason.
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