How Do Pack Probabilities Work in FIFA 20?

The contents of a FIFA 20 Ultimate Team pack are not known until you open it. You know what type of items it contains but the items are randomly generated. Pack probabilities were introduced to give players a better idea of what to expect from packs. Check out the pack probability before purchasing a pack so you know if it’s worth your coins and points.

Go to the Ultimate Team store and find a pack you would like to buy. Under the pack, you will see a button saying “Show Pack Probabilities”. Click it and you will see some item categories along with associated percentages. The percentage number represents your chances of getting an item from that category.

For example, if you see something like OVR 84+ 30%, that means you have 30% chances of getting a player item card with at least 80 OVR. There are too many items in the game to show probabilities individually so the probability is shown per category. If you see a category that has 100%, that means that the pack will contain at least one item of that kind. Probabilities are calculated based on simulations. This is a feature that simulates the opening of lots of packs of each type. This simulation is done each time there is an update so the probabilities are always up to date.

There are packs with rare content that can be acquired from special campaigns. In this case, you will see a probability of 1% or even less. What you should know about pack probabilities is that they don’t add up. This means if a category has 25% probability, opening four packs doesn’t guarantee an item from that category. Each opening is considered a stand-alone event. Opening more packs doesn’t increase the probability. The probabilities change because new items and packs are added to the game on a regular basis. The numbers change after each content update so make sure to always check the probabilities before getting a pack. At the bottom of the screen, you will notice a timestamp. That is the time that marks the last probabilities update.

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