FIFA and Its Evolution Over Time

I remember when I was little and what I liked most was playing video games (to date it is like that), so I bought a monthly PlayStation magazine to find out what was happening in the world of video games. That was what a child had to do 20 years ago, when there was no internet.

One day I saw that they were talking about a soccer simulator, which they said was the definitive version, so I started saving to be able to buy it … I found a wonder. Yes, Pro Evolution Soccer.

Don’t get me wrong, this article is about FIFA, but PES was the first soccer game I had in my hands, and thanks to it, I made it to FIFA 20. Why? Why:

Year after year, FIFA reinvents itself. Yes, they might think that only the roster and the truth are updated, but … what would they add to a soccer game? It’s always the same.

If it becomes unreal, it is criticized. If it becomes very real, it is too. So what do people want? People want new modes year after year and that is what FIFA has implemented, to the perfection that we know today as FIFA 20.

FIFA 20 is, by its own merit and from all previous editions, the quintessential title of virtual soccer simulators that exist in the gaming and esports scene today. The title of EA Sports has been “giving war” for more than 20 years and being at the top of the video game scene worldwide.First “only” with the sales of its video game and later with the income generated by the lucrative Ultimate Team mode, Electronic Arts generates really high incomes that place the saga FIFA as one of the most successful, not only in the United States-based company, but in the global history of videogames Online mode, FIFA Ultimate Team and the emergence of esports and competitive modes With the arrival of online modes and competitive, FIFA’s eyes were opened and illuminated with the dollar green color.

The inclusion of new cards, new events, new signings, new icons and legendary players make the FIFA Ultimate Team money-making machine stop, but as in any circumstance of life, both FIFA Ultimate Team and Seasons mode Online and even competitive FIFA tournaments have a major drawback: providing equal, fair and appropriate servers so that all players who want to enjoy FIFA online can do so without any problem related to lag or other bugs generated by a bad connection.

It is clear that beyond the servers, the alleged handicap or other aspects that derive from the game itself, the user must always ensure that they have a good connection to the network from their gaming center. Although this does not always happen, if we consider that the majority of players boast of having a good internet connection, complaints to FIFA’s online servers have already become a mainstream, almost viral issue.

How do you think of the evolution of FIFA series? Are you a FIFA fan or in love with PES? Leave comments!


(Contributed by Salazar.Cien; Edited by Hermes_Fang)