NBA 2K20: Get These MyTeam Cards While They’re Available!

NBA 2K21 is coming but NBA 2K20 MyTeam is still an active game mode. New cards are released on a regular basis giving players new things to do as the developers are working hard on the new installment which is expected for release in a few months. Until we can dive into NBA 2K21, let’s see what’s new in NBA 2K20 MyTeam.

King James Prime Series III packs are among the latest additions. These packs contain amazing cards.

The LeBron James card has 99 OVR and the shooting guard/small forward position. The stats are 96 outside scoring, 97 inside scoring, 96 playmaking, 97 athleticism, 95 defending, and 93 rebounding.

Chris Paul also has 99 OVR. This card is a point guard/shooting guard with 94 outside scoring, 82 inside scoring, 98 playmaking, 96 athleticism, 93 defending, and 85 rebounding.

Dwayne Wade is a shooting guard/point guard with 96 outside scoring, 91 inside scoring, 94 playmaking, 96 athleticism, 95 defending, and 89 rebounding.

Carmelo Anthony is a small forward/shooting guard with 96 outside scoring, 96 inside scoring, 96 playmaking, 96 athleticism, 96 defending, and 87 rebounding.

Don’t forget about the Welcome to MyTeam packs that have the chance of dropping a diamond or pink diamond player item card. Michael Jordan is a 95 OVR diamond card with shooting guard/small forward position. The stats are 92 outside scoring, 83 inside scoring, 76 playmaking, 88 athleticism, 87 defending, and 49 rebounding. Ben Simmons is a diamond card that has power forward/small forward position. This 95 OVR card has 84 outside scoring, 91 inside scoring, 90 playmaking, 92 athleticism, 89 defending, and 80 rebounding.

The pink diamond cards are Shaquille O’Neal and Kawhi Leonard. O’Neal has 98 OVR and center/power forward as position. The stats are 67 outside scoring, 92 inside scoring, 71 playmaking, 88 athleticism, 85 defending, and 96 rebounding. Kawhi Leonard has 97 OVR. He is a small forward/shooting guard with 86 outside scoring, 76 inside scoring, 81 playmaking, 86 athleticism, 88 defending, and 54 rebounding.

Locker codes allow you to get MyTeam items for free. All you need to do is to input the locker code and you unlock freebies. You might get a Fan Favorites, Fan Favorites Series II, Campus Legends Deluxe, Leap Year Deluxe, New Year’s Resolutions Deluxe, or Light Out Pack. The locker code is BEST-OF-MYTEAM-PROMO-PACKS. Use it and you will get one of the packs mentioned above. The code PLAYERS-CLUB-LEONARD-36TBP gives you a free Meyers Leonard card.

If you are not satisfied with the locker codes, you can visit MTStacks and buy yourself some NBA 2K MT coins. The cheap price and instant delivery service will definitely meet your needs.


(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)