Blade & Soul The Bountiful Harvest Treasure Trove!

Buy Blade & Soul gold from U7Buy and you won’t regret it! We have the best prices. The Blade & Soul event Bountiful Harvest Treasure Trove has started. The event lasts for a few weeks during which players can get new cosmetic items, gems, gear, and materials for upgrades. The Bountiful Harvest Treasure Trove is a recurring event. The maximum on the crit meter is 30 for this edition of the festival. Gold is needed during the event. To make sure you get the best Blade & Soul gold price, visit U7buy!


How to Take Part in the Blade & Soul Bountiful Harvest Treasure Trove


First of all, you will need a character that is at least level 36. Each day of the event, characters can open one free daily Treasure Trove. This chest contains several items. Players can buy these items with Blade & Soul gold. The purchase limit is one item per used key. If you want to unlock more than one trove a day, you will need Treasure Trove expansions. You can buy these from the Hongmoon store. Using these items, you can add six more trove slots so you can open more troves. You will also need keys. These are also bought from the store. Players can buy keys and expansions in bundles so they get better value for their money. A maximum of five troves can be opened at once. Bear in mind that five keys will be used in the process. The rewards depend on how many stars a trove has. Most of them will have one star, but if you are lucky you may get two or three-star troves.


You can improve your chances of getting a two-star or better trove using the crit meter. Each bought key adds 1-3 to the meter for a maximum of 30. The next bought key will give a trove with at least two stars. Bonus rewards are obtained based on how many troves you open. The first milestone is at five troves. The Blade & Soul Bountiful Harvest Treasure Trove rewards include cosmetics, materials, gems, and equipment. Warlord, cybernetic, and two weapon chests are the available reward cosmetics. Shimmering scales, fusion stones, and premium transformation stones are among the obtained materials. Players may also obtain four types of gems. A pet aura and soul are part of the equipment prizes.