NBA 2K22 – ‘Amethyst’ Barry Carroll on the Loose!

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MyTeam (MT) Season Rewards are fine collections for you to unlock in NBA 2K22, with one of the latest player cards for you to redeem now coming in the form of former Golden State Warriors’ master Centre, Joe Barry Carroll!




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One great player card that awaits you while you level up in MT is of Golden State Warriors’ impressive icon on the basketball court, ‘Amethyst’ Joe Barry Carroll!

The former professional basketballer now enjoys spectacular stats such as:


(C) Joe Barry Carroll’s ‘Season 2 Rewards’ Player Card: OVR 90


  • Shot IQ (Shooting): 97
  • Hands (Inside Scoring): 95
  • Close Shot (Shooting): 92
  • Strength (Athleticism): 90
  • Post Moves (Inside Scoring): 90


Barry Carroll is known to be one of the best Centre players in the game during his prime, and he is always keenly looking for gaps around defensive opposition players close to the hoop.


In order to unlock ‘Amethyst’ Barry Carroll in NBA 2K22, you will simply need to reach Level 28 in MT for Season 2, which is relatively straightforward in itself!


As Season 2: Build Your Empire is scheduled to end by 3rd December 2021 (Friday), then that is also the deadline for you to redeem Barry Carroll inside the game as well.


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