Path of Exile: Will Patch 3.17.0 bring a Sequel League for the first time?

After the teaser video for the expansion “Siege of the Atlas”, the developers have – one week before the big unveiling – now also published a small foretaste of the league. This one is now awakening the brooding nature in many players:

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Why might Archnemesis be a sequel league in Path of Exile?

The new league of the update Siege of the Atlas is called Archnemesis! Now the community is puzzling over what this means for Path of Exile. For the first time, the name of a previous league is included in the league name. After all, there was already the Nemesis League in 2013, whose mechanics can still be found in the game today. The highly coveted “chase item” Headhunter also originated from this league and is still sought after by many players today. Accordingly, Archnemesis could be the first Sequel League, a concept that the developers had mentioned before: Why not revisit a popular mechanic?

Nemesis and Archnemesis – Theories about the League

In Nemesis, monsters could spawn with so-called Nemesis mods that gave them extra bonuses – a comparatively simple concept, but it also dates back to the early days of Path of Exile. Some players are now even considering whether the Archnemesis will be a specific enemy that we regularly encounter and receive new mods. Comparable, then, to the Orcs from Shadow of Mordor, which relies on a (patented) nemesis system.

We’ll find out more on January 28th – that’s when update 3.17.0 Siege of the Atlas will be unveiled, along with the Archnemesis League.

What can we look forward to in the livestream?

“During the livestream, you’ll learn all about the new end-game content in Siege of the Atlas and the Challenge League that will be released along with the expansion. Afterwards, there will be a live Q&A session with ZiggyD and Chris Wilson,” reads the official Path of Exile website. There will also be twitch drops during the livestream, which makes it even more worthwhile for you to tune in!

When will Path of Exile patch 3.17.0 be released?

The Siege of the Atlas update will be released on February 4 for PC, while console players will get the new content on February 9.

Will the Scourge League end up in the main game?

After a league expires in Path of Exile, there’s always the question of what will become of the content in this update. The developers have answered the question succinctly: Scourge will not end up in the main game. Why exactly the mechanics are not good enough to “go core”, the makers of PoE have not revealed yet. So if you enjoy the special mechanics of Scourge, you should keep playing until February.