The Elder Scrolls Online High Isle Prologue Quest Is Available

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How to Complete The Elder Scrolls Online High Isle Prologue Quest


Players don’t need to go anywhere to obtain the quest. Just open the Crown Store and navigate to the Quest Starter section. You will see the quest Ascending Doubt waiting for you. Just pick it up and see what’s required of you this time. The quest has two parts. Players will meet familiar figures. We are talking about Jakarn and Lady Davaux. You will take part in a meeting with these two. The rest is up to you to discover. The meeting takes place in an interesting location. You will travel to Vvardenfell in Morrowind. Now, you might think that you need this expansion to complete the prologue quest. Morrowind became part of the base game so all players have access to it now. The prologue quest doesn’t take too long to complete, but it’s important because it kick-starts the adventures that await us later this year. Players receive the Glimmering Dust emote as a reward for completing the prologue. It’s a cute animation that enables characters to sprinkle magic around them. The High Isle expansion arrives on June 6th on PC and two weeks later on consoles. It includes more than 30 hours’ worth of story content. The adventures take place in the Breton homeland. It’s a new culture for players to explore, but they will also discover that war is about the start in this area. The islands of High Isle and Amenos become explorable. We have a main quest line and numerous side quests. The Tales of Tribute is a feature that debuts with the High Isle expansion. This is a card-collector game. The Dreadsail Reef is the new 12-player raid. Adventurers have two new companions, Ember and Isobel, to take with them. Fissures are the new world events. The expansion will also feature dungeons, world bosses, and delves.