NBA 2K23: Best Amethyst Cards In MyTeam, Ranked

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Only the most dedicated gamers will throw in the game to unlock the best Dark Matter cards in NBA 2K23. Most people who hold these cards need to pay a lot of cash. But the whole team has 90+ players? Yes, that’s something gamers can do in a month or two.


Knowing who to target. Players need to balance saving some expensive fees with investing in the team to make the saving process faster. It’s a good idea to buy these cards first during the first month of My Team in NBA 2K23.


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Fred Jones


Fred Jones has all the stats for a small forward with the size of a shooting guard. This puts players in an interesting dilemma, as his 6-foot-4 size seems to suggest that he should move to his secondary position to get the most out of him.


Small forwards should do everything, but no one said shooting guards can’t do the same. Look at Michael Jordan after all. With at least one Gold Badge and a Hall of Fame Infinite Takeoff Badger in each category, gamers can move him freely and know that Jones will succeed anywhere.


Zion Williamson


The 6-foot-6 Zion Williamson may be a little undersized at power forward, but his athleticism makes up for all his attributes at 80 or higher, giving him a rare combination of speed and strength.


His offensive ability in the finishing touches underscores that. He has every completion badge in the game, as well as the Hall of Fame Infinity Takeoff badge. Whether it’s dunking or getting close with some low post action, only an all-around powerhouse can curb Williamson’s damage.


Marcus Smart


The problem with most point guards, even the great Galaxy Opal cards, is that they tend to be pretty bad on the defensive end. Even the best are not superstars in the field. Marcus Smart’s defense got a sky-high 96 and he’s a breath of fresh air.


All but one of his gold medals are on that end of the floor, which keeps him threatening to steal some fast break points. His Hall of Fame challenger badge is new this year, and opponents have little chance of shooting when he’s on the floor.


Tyson Chandler


Players cannot play all positions on the defensive end at the same time. As a result, they tend to favor hands with high defensive stats to compensate for the lack of overall control on that side of the ball. This is most correct for protecting the paint with the center.



Julius Randall


Julius Randle, with all but two finishing badges, made his internal presence known with ferocity. All of his attributes are at least 80 when it comes to close-range scoring, so his attributes support his style of play.