A Guide to FIFA Mobile Leagues

FIFA Mobile leagues are associations of players who decide to enjoy the game in a social but competitive manner. Any player who acquired level five can start a new league or join an existing one. New players are advised to look for a league rather than creating one on their own. This way they will benefit from veteran FIFA Mobile players experience. The league menu lists four different options including the one to join a league. The game suggests a few leagues that are looking for new members. A search option allows players to apply for a specific league. Joining a FIFA Mobile league is not automatic. The league admin or whoever is in charge receives the request. It’s up to him or her to approve it or deny it. Applicants will be notified with an appropriate response.

Players who decide to create a new league can do so by accessing the create a league button. They will have to pick a logo and a name. New FIFA Mobile players should know that leagues can have 32 members only. Leagues admins can set specific requirements for future applicants. Numbers of fans, level and team rating can be used as filters. Joining a league unlocks some league specific features such as the live chat. League members use this private channel to discuss FIFA Mobile topics or just to casually chat about random things. Championships are league bracket style games played between league members. League versus league tournaments give players the chance to challenge another league, to acquire ranks and to unlock rewards. Tokens are earned when winning matches in league versus league mode. The winning league gets a better rank and a better leaderboards position. FIFA Mobile has some achievements that can only be earned by players who are part of a league. These achievements require player cooperation. Unlocking them rewards players with various items. FIFA Mobile players can be part of only one league at a time.