What You Need to Know Before Playing Madden 17 Franchise Mode as Coach

There are three ways of playing Madden 17 franchise mode. Users can play as a player, as a coach or as an owner. Playing as a coach is considered harder because coaches are in charge of an entire team of players. There are a couple of differences between the three play modes. The way XP is spent is one of the most important. This is one of the main elements that differentiate coach play and player experience. Coaches earn XP that can be spent to unlock various packages. These are similar to perks in other video games.

Madden 17 has three types of coach packages. Player acquisition pack contains packages that make it easier for coaches to scout for players and to trade. Some of the packages included in this one are Linebacker Free Agency and Quarterback Free Agency. Players retention pack allows coaches to hold on to their players for a longer time before they decide to retire. Player progression increases XP gains for players when they take part in training every week. Players also gain XP according to their match performance and goals. Coaches earn both XP and scouting points. Madden 17 has a feature that makes it easier for new coach players to spend XP. It can be automatically spend on what the game AI considers it’s the most important. There is also the option to spend XP manually. Most players prefer this way because of the customization possibilities. Coaches spend XP on players and customize them based on their vision for the team. Spending XP on things like play recognition or awareness will allow the team to approach games more tactically. XP can also be spent to balance players attributes’ and obtain a balanced team. Opting for applying XP both automatically and manually is another way. Coaches can focus on the most important players and leave the Madden 17 AI to distribute XP to the rest of the team. This way things will go a bit faster.