Madden NFL 18 and Its 2 Major Attractions

It was held the Electronic Entertainment Expo, where EA present us with video games, platforms and more. For this year we were surprised with a new modality for the Madden 18.
Last year they took all our money with FIFA’s story mode, which had Alex Hunter as the protagonist. Now, they will do the same with our wallet with Longshot.
Devin Wade is a guy who will try to show the world his talent. Since childhood I had the idea and you with your control will lead you to success. So, in your console you can decide the future of a young man who has only one dream: to play in the NFL.
Thanks to this new modality, being a fan of American football, you will play from boy, high school, the NCAA and from there, to the best league in the world.
Weekend League
After the presentation of Madden NFL 18 in E3, these days are still coming out news about the next whole on the part of EA. This time, Madden producer Jake Stein, apart from confirming Weekend League via twitter, has commented on several features of this new gameplay:
– There will be 2 eliminatory tournaments each week to qualify us. One from Monday to Tuesday and one from Wednesday to Thursday.
– In total there will be 8 opportunities to win 3 consecutive matches each week to qualify.
– Tournaments will be totally free and will not require Tickets.
– We can also qualify for a season in All-Madden 1st or All-Madden 2nd.
– It will have 72 hours (from Friday to Monday) to play 25 games. The more wins, the better rewards.
– According to Jake, following the model of FUT Champions, wants MUT to deliver the best rewards through the Weekend League.
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