FIFA Mobile – VS Attack User Interface Explained

One of the latest FIFA Mobile updates modified the way ranked games are played. The update also changed the old interface. The new VS Attack mode screen replaced the attack mode world map from which players were able to select their opponents. The new interface now has three main panels.

The first panel is called match preparation. It allows players to make some changes before the match starts. The first element on this panel shows team OVR and the active tactic. The “My Team” button opens the My Team feature from which users can customize and change their teams. The next button is available only if users have at least level 20 and have unlocked the counters feature. This gives them the possibility to counter the tactics chosen by the enemy players. The last button, “Match History”, provides an overview of played matches.

The second panel shows how many days of the current season are left. Next, players will see the division they are in, the number of acquired fans and the total number of fans needed to promote to the next division. Players can also check out the rewards for their current division. The rewards list includes FIFA Mobile coins, victory tokens, XP and premium currency. The last element on this panel is the “Play” button. On the button, the stamina cost for a game is displayed. When the button is tapped, players are matched with an opponent from their division and the game begins.

The third panel shows the best four ranked FIFA Mobile players. The first player has gold rank, the second has silver and the third has bronze. Their name, team logo, level, OVR and number of fans are also displayed. Under this top, players will see their own name, team logo, rank, OVR, level and the total number of fans. “See Full Leaderboard” button allows players to view the rank of all those who took part in the season.