FIFA 17: How to Raise Loyalty?

In FIFA 17 Ultimate Team one of the things that most worries all users is to have a high chemistry with their players. There are different ways to get the chemistry of our players by default to be very high and even 100%, if you read well, 100%! But sometimes, due to lack of time, coins or just bad luck with the envelopes, we are not able to raise it even at 80%. So, for those times when we do not get it and we want to increase the loyalty of the players, there is a trick that will serve us each and every one. It can serve us both for our staff, and to complete some rather difficult and tedious challenges to complete.
How to increase the loyalty of our players in FIFA 17?
In order to increase the loyalty of the players, we need to play games, specifically 10 of them. It is a good idea to keep a good number of contract cards in our inventory, because if we want our template to last, having them will be essential. Plus one of the best ways to save and earn coins indirectly (double trick).
Normally we would think about playing online games and even tournaments or days to do this, but if we do not want to risk losing, this is the trick we need. To avoid this entire headache and do it fast, we only need to play against the team of the week, which is nothing more than against AI.
We can do this ten times very quickly, without really playing the games, and thus raise the loyalty of each and every one of our players. Yes, of course it is cheating, but it is not something that is forbidden. Then what we have to do is start playing the game with the players we are interested in raising the loyalty, we wait for the throw-in and we leave the game.
How to do it?
To exit we have to press the Windows key on PC (or ctrl + alt + supr), or the central button on the Playstation or Xbox controls. Because yes, even if we go rough, the game will understand that we have played that game, and if we do it ten times, we will see how the loyalty of the players has risen and with it, the chemistry.
So here are tips of how to raise Loyalty in FIFA 17. We will keep posting more if you are interested. Besides, FIFA 18 news and FIFA 18 Coins service will be online soon. Stay tuned please.