FIFA Mobile – How To Get Stamina For Free

FIFA Mobile players that need some fast stamina can get it for free by watching an in game commercial. To do this, players need to first open their inbox. This is done from the side panel that is available when players are in the home screen. This is the screen that opens when the app loads. If players happen to be in another screen or menu, they can go to the home screen by tapping the home button on the right upper corner. The side panel button that opens the inbox is the second one. Players will have no troubles recognizing it as it says Inbox.

Once players are in their inbox, they can check if there is an ad available to watch. If a video is available, players will see a message saying “Watch video for stamina” and next to it a Watch button. When the button is tapped, a video will start playing. It’s a short video so don’t worry about taking too much time. Once the video has been watched and players are eligible for their reward a notification message will pop up. They can get the earned stamina by tapping the Claim Reward button. Players get five stamina for every watched video. Stamina is consumed when taking part in seasons mode, events, VS Attack matches, and league games. It appears to be a cooldown on the number of videos players can watch for free stamina. If the watch video message is not shown anymore, players are advised to wait until the next day. If the message doesn’t appear after a long period of time, players have the option to contact the support team. There is also a thread on the FIFA Mobile forums concerning this issue. Players that are in a hurry can get stamina from the store in exchange for premium FIFA Mobile coins. There are three packs available. The first one contains 20 stamina and costs 200 FIFA points. The pack that has 115 stamina costs 1,000 FIFA points. The most expensive pack costs 2,000 FIFA points and has 250 stamina.