The University of Chile announces its arrival to eSports with FIFA 18

Like the big clubs of the world and joining similar initiatives of Chilean clubs such as Catholic University and Colo Colo, University of Chile announced today its arrival in eSports through the game FIFA 18, of Electronic Arts.

According to the club, an online tournament will be held throughout Chile divided into the game with its versions for PlayStation and Xbox, waiting for a grand final of 32 players where the winner will be chosen. Subsequently, the selected one will be another official of the club, with salary, training and evaluation of their performance.

On the Club words:

– “We are looking for a formula that keeps the feeling that fans have as a club alive. We must be constantly updated and see how new generations are interacting with football, “said Diego Rivarola, former blue player.

– “The gamer world is a new meeting point between us and the fans, and we want to bring the gamers to our club,” he added.

As for what was done by the other Chilean clubs, Rivarola said that “they took the path of taking a recognized player, period, but it is the easy way. We look for the best, but also players identified with the club and who deliver and represent everything that is the U, along with the effort, loyalty and perseverance that characterizes us. ”

Also, from the club point out that although the arrival to eSports with FIFA is the beginning, they are also observing competitive titles such as Overwatch, Dota, Rocket League and Call of Duty.

The inscriptions are open from this week. Do you think there will be more clubs involved? Follow us to get more information and cheap fut 18 account update.