FIFA World Cup Content Is Coming to FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile players have the chance to take part in an event that comes once every four years. The FIFA World Cup update adds new content and new ways to play the game. The main FIFA game, FIFA 18, had an update to celebrate the World Cup as well. The usual modes that are available in the game will be playable for the event but there are new modes added as well. For example, players will still be able to participate in squad building challenges and play competitively in VS attack but they will also have new activities like FIFA World Cup.

Players will notice that the game has a new hub called FIFA World Cup. There is a requirement to access it. A team that has at least 65 OVR is needed. This is an easy requirement so new players won’t have too much trouble completing it. The first thing players will have to do is to select a national team. There are 48 nations. Thirty-two of them are participating in the World Cup while the remaining 16 are teams that didn’t qualify. This reflects the current state of the teams that are taking part in the real competition. Players can also select one of the teams that didn’t qualify. The team selected will be My National Team lineup. Each team is made up of the same player items. These are special items that cannot be sold at players’ market. All the players in a team will have between 70 and 72 OVR. They don’t possess a World Cup skill boost. In addition to the national lineup, players will have access to five more lineups. These lineups will be used to experience World Cup content.

While the event is active, players have access to special player items. These are FIFA 18 World Cup players and there are various ways to obtain them. The newly added content has activities through which these players are obtained as rewards. They can also be bought from the World Cup store. Players are reminded to update their game app and to keep an eye on Twitter for news.