Be a Data Reviewer for FIFA 19

FIFA 19 is a sports game that brings not just good gameplay but also a high degree of realism. Players’ in-game animations are created based on how the real footballers move on the field. Their attributes are constantly changed to reflect their real performance. The game features many famous football leagues and championships. All major football events are also implemented in the game so players can enjoy real football themed content. FIFA 19 team has talented developers but also football experts and consultants who know the game inside out. They are up to date with recent happening and are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to football. And you can be one of them.

FIFA Talent Scout is an EA program that aims to find football experts willing to join the team. You don’t need to be a specialist or a famous commentator or analyst. Anyone can apply to be part of the team. FIFA 19 has many players and, surely, there are plenty of experts among them. This is a great chance to be part of the game you love playing. Here is what the job is all about. Those who make it past the selection process get to be part of the FIFA Data Collection Community. They will become data reviewers. This means that they will review players and teams and send feedback to the team behind the game. When the team decides that it’s time for a rating update, your feedback will be taken into consideration. In a way, data reviewers have a great influence on the game as their opinion is valued by the development team. As you can image, only those that prove to have vast football knowledge will become data reviewers. This is a voluntary position. Data reviewers have no obligations or mandatory tasks. There are also paid positions such as data editor. If you want to become part of the Data Collection Community, make sure to follow @FIFATALENTSCOUT on Twitter for news and how to apply.