FIFA 19 – Buy Points on PC with the Android Companion App

FIFA 19 players have access to a mobile companion app. This app allows players to manage some aspects of the game while they are not in front of the PC or console. Buying FIFA points is one of the functionalities offered by the app. Unfortunately, at the moment only PC players can use the Android app to get points. There’s an iOS version of the app as well but it cannot be used to get points. So, if you’re a PC player with an Android smartphone, you can use the app to replenish your points. Here’s what you need to do to get points on the go.

Open the app on your Android device. Go to the FIFA Points tab. You will notice different offers. Select the one you like and complete the purchase. You will be paying using the card that is attached to your Google account. If you have been buying points in the game, you will notice that there are different bundles available in the app. This was done to comply with mobile pricing rules. Rest assured as the price is the same. A bundle of 300 points costs $ 2.99. For a bundle of 500 points, you will be paying $4.99. If you want to get 800 points, then you will be paying $7.99. For 1050 points, you will spend $9.99. Get a bundle of 1600 points for $14.99. The bundle that contains 2200 points costs $19.99. Larger bundles such as 4600 cost $39.99. The largest bundle is the one that has 12000 points and it costs $99.99. It should be noted that you will see the price in your local currency. If you have the Origin Access 10% discount, you will be glad to know that it applies to point purchases on Android. Because of certain limitations, Belgian players cannot get points using the app. We are looking forward to this functionality extended to the iOS version as well as the consoles. There is no news on this yet.

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