FIFA 19: the Final of the Women’s World Cup is Now Available

FIFA 19 is updated with the new contents of the Women’s World Cup, through which to play the next final of the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019 to be held on July 7 at the Lyon Stadium. Thus, up to 10 new selections are added along with the official uniforms and shields of the competition and the personalized final in that stadium.
Free update now available
Thus, those regular players who want to play the final of the Women’s World Cup can do so through the main menu of FIFA 19, through the new access to this new content update. An update in which we can enjoy the 22 participating teams -10 of them totally new-, along with the new uniforms and the official championship ball.

On the other hand, EA Sports ensures that during the real competition will be updated the templates of the 22 selections, yes, two of them -Brazil and Chile- with unlicensed names; the available teams are:

• Germany
• Argentina
• Australia
• Brazil
• Cameroon
• Canada
• Chile
• China
• Korea
• Scotland
• Spain
• U.S
• France
• Holland
• England
• Jamaica
• Japan
• Nigeria
• Norway
• New Zealand
• Sweden
• Thailand

Thus, both on PC and PS4 and Xbox One, we can enjoy the final fully customized with specific scenes before and after the game and enjoy the game with safe FIFA 19 Coins buying; however, in the Nintendo Switch version we can only play the game, without any extra as in the rest of the editions.