NBA 2K23 Lunar New Year Event – Start Time, Buyout Cards, and More

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Season 4 of NBA 2K23 is shaping up to be huge, and the Lunar New Year event is a big reason why. We know there will be three two-week events this season, which is a great way to start.


What makes this event so special? Well, it could be the 10 receivers on offer, one for each weekday throughout the event, or it could be Galaxy Opal Yi Jianlian, the yearly favorite in MyTeam.


Let’s break down everything you need to know about the NBA 2K23 Lunar New Year event so you don’t miss a thing!


LATEST – 2nd Acquisition Card Released

The second acquisition card of the Lunar New Year event is Pink Diamond Larry Nance!


With six agendas to complete (half of which are played online), you can actually unlock this card in under an hour!


Agenda revealed

Now that Season 4 is live on NBA 2K23, so is the agenda for the Lunar New Year event! Earn 24,500 XP if you complete the following challenges;


Smith Points – Lunar New Year Reward Joe Smith gets 30 points 2 times – 4,000 XP

Conley Assists – Lunar New Year Bonus Miles Conley 2 Get 10 Assists – 4,000 XP

LNY Points – Earn 125 points with Lunar New Year players – 2,500 XP

LNY Rebounds – Get 30 Rebounds with Lunar New Year Players – 2,500 XP

LNY Assists – Get 40 Assists with Lunar New Year Players – 2,500 XP

OO LYN Double-Double – Get 1 Double-Double with original owner Lunar New Year player – 2,500XP

LNY TT/TTO Wins – Win 3 Triple Threat Online or Offline games with 3 Lunar New Year players – 1,500XP

LNY CT/CTO Win – Win 2 games of Momentum online or offline with 5 Lunar New Year players – 2,000XP

LNY Win – Win a game with 13 Lunar New Year players – 3,000XP

Lunar New Year start and end dates

NBA 2K23’s Lunar New Year event kicks off Friday, January 13 alongside Season 4. It will last for two weeks, so you’ll have plenty of time to complete all takeover goals and event agendas, and make the most of the rewards on offer.


The official end date and time for Lunar New Year is Friday, January 27 at 8AM PT / 11AM ET / 4PM GMT. We don’t expect any cards to return at this time, unless they’re part of an end-of-season mega pack.


Chinese New Year Player Card

So far, we’ve seen 11 player cards appear in the Lunar New Year event, and they include:


Joe Smith, SF/PF — Eternal

Mike Conley, PG/SG – Timeless

Jordan Poole, SG/PG – Amethyst

O.J. Mayo, SG/SF – Amethyst

M.L. Carr, SF/SG – Ruby

Slick Watts, PG/SG – Ruby

Zydrunas Ilgauskas, C – Ruby

Luguentz Dort, SG/SF – Sapphire

Darren Collison, PG/SG – Sapphire

Scott Pollard, C/PF – Emerald

Precious Achuwa, C/PF – Emerald

how it works

According to the Season 4 blog post, the Lunar New Year event will release a new receiver and five event cards each day for 10 days.


When you collect all of these, you will get the Galaxy Opal Yi Jianlian. There are also some event-specific agendas and challenges that will go live once the Lunar New Year begins.