Diablo 4 – The Confusing ‘Lucky Hits’ Explained!

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There are a lot of intricate calculations and algorithms involved whenever combat begins in Diablo 4.


You have Critical Strike Chance to consider if you’re spec’ing a build that dishes out unbelievable amounts of Critical Damage.


Besides that, enemies’ elemental resistances factor into how effective your skills are when used against them too.


With all this in mind, there’s a new game system introduced that’s hoped to make added effects ‘simpler’ to understand – Lucky Hits.


The thing is, it isn’t as easily understood as the developers would have wanted, because many players easily get confused as to what this latest attribute means.


Previously, all Diablo games use a straight percentage chance for effects to occur, such as a 30% chance to cause Bleed on enemies upon a successful hit.


Now, that’s been changed to the ‘Lucky Hit’ system, meaning those same effects will only prompt IF your attack hits the Lucky Hit Chance of a specific skill.


For instance:




The Druid’s Storm Strike has a 25% Lucky Hit Chance to occur, to which it doesn’t do anything by itself, with the skill only dealing direct damage to foes instead.


When coupled with Elemental Exposure (passive), whenever a Lucky Hit triggers after using Storm Strike, you need to hit another 20% Chance for Elemental Exposure to occur (apply Vulnerable to enemies), making it extremely difficult to happen.




This mechanic might have been implemented to create new possible builds for players to experiment with, allowing Lucky Hit-specific gear to be designed as well.


However, it makes things much more convoluted and harder to understand for both beginners and experienced players alike.


As such, this does mean not many players actually opt for Lucky Hit-based setups in-game, but there is a caveat to this new mechanic – healing effects, and resource generation (Combo Points, Fury, etc.).


With Lucky Hits implemented, certain skills combined with the necessary gear can prompt healing effects better, which can be overpowered (OP) if practiced the standard way (without Lucky Hits).


This works the same way for resource generation too, because things like Mana Regeneration can be exploited if they can trigger for a flat percentage chance instead.


It’s hard to balance everything that have been the staple of Diablo’s combat for the past few decades, so this is part of the developers’ innovation to give fresh ideas a chance.


Only time will tell how the player base truly embraces it, but so far, Diablo 4’s positives far outweigh its negatives, and players have been willing to learn new tropes that the game has to offer, welcoming its latest implementations, including Lucky Hits.


Think you can create a character that’s based around Lucky Hits too?


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