How to defend in EA FC 24: Best PlayStyles, Tips and Game Settings

If you’re having defensive issues in EA FC 24, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Preventing goals on the counterattack can sometimes feel impossible while trying to defend one-on-one in the box can be a headache. It doesn’t help that EA is releasing more weapons for attackers to add to their toolboxes.

Precision passing makes it easier than ever to knock down entire defenses with one kick, and seven new skill moves can be intimidating to you. If that’s not scary enough, control sprint is a new running mechanic that offers amazing shifting abilities. If you are having hard times winning matches, you can always buy EA FC 24 boosting on U7BUY.

Having said that, it’s been a tough year for a defender to keep a clean sheet. But there are still plenty of tricks to catch an attacker off guard and end the game.


How to defend in EA FC 24

Before entering a actual match, it’s important to start from the menus.


Best EA FC 24 defending settings

First, let’s discuss the most popular topics among community members. Under Gameplay in the Game Settings menu, players can select Tactical Defending, which automatically chooses between a standing tackle and a physical tackle when pressing the O or B button.

Advanced Defending, on the other hand, allows players to choose the type of challenge they want to perform. O or B stands for a standing tackle, and X or A initiates a shoulder challenge or seal-out. If you’re new to FC 24 or don’t have confidence in your situational awareness, it makes more sense to stick to Tactical Defending.

However, Advanced Defending is a game changer if you take the time to learn timing and how to properly exploit it. In particular, the new seal-out mechanic is ideal for dealing with attackers trying to create openings in the box.

We also recommend changing the clearing assistance to Directional instead of Classic, as Directional allows players to choose the direction of the clearing ball instead of random.


Best PlayStyles

PlayStyles is a new feature that increases player attributes based on outstanding real-life qualities. PlayStyles+ takes these features to a world-class level. When selecting players to add to your Ultimate Team roster or build a Pro Club, first look for some defensive PlayStyles.

First, Block increases the range and ability of blocking. This PlayStyle is a must for the center-backs and makes interception attempts in the box much easier. The next most important playstyle in our opinion is Jockey, which increases the maximum speed and transition speed. This year, the offense can change the pace with ease, and that ability makes man-to-man coverage much easier.

Finally, Intercept improves reach and chances of retaining possession when trying to steal a pass. Without this style of play, the ball has a greater chance of bouncing off the defender and back into the hands of the attacker.


Best defending tips

Now that you know the best settings and play styles, let’s look at what players should focus on when actually applying their skills. Our first piece of advice is to forget everything you know about tackling and rewire your brain to stop tackling.

A missed tackle can lead to an easy counterattack by your opponent. In most defensive scenarios, we recommend using sprint jockeying instead of lunging in. Regular jockeying is too slow, but holding L2 + R2 or LT + RT can keep up with attackers, and the jockey PlayStyle increases this possibility.

We recommend bringing the ball into the box to keep the attacker wide and prevent them from getting a clear shooting angle. When you need an all-out challenge, sliding tackles are extremely effective in EA FC 24 and can help you block shots in the box.

If you decide to learn Advanced Defending, the new seal-out tackle will come in handy when you’re trying to play safe against your opponents without conceding a penalty.

That’s everything we know about the defense, but that could all change as the game meta evolves. For more information, read on U7BUY blog.