NBA Live Mobile Technical Tips

Progress save. NBA Live Mobile automatically saves players progress if users have linked a Facebook account with their game app. Facebook account linkage is not mandatory to play the game but it’s needed to access some features including saving progress. If players wish to delete the app or reinstall it on another device they must link the NBA Live Mobile account with a Facebook profile else they will lose all their game progress. Progress is automatically saved once the game account was successfully linked to the Facebook profile.

How to link a Facebook account. This process requires a few easy steps. Players need to have a Facebook account first. If they don’t, they can create one in just a few minutes. From the NBA Live Mobile main screen, tap the settings option represented by the three dots. The next option to be accessed is link accounts. Players have to tap the link button that is next to the Facebook option. The last step is entering the details of the Facebook profile.

Keep the game updated. NBA Live Mobile is updated with new content, programs and events. Depending on user’s preferences and device’s settings, the app may not automatically update. Users can allow NBA Live Mobile to perform updates automatically. This is the recommended setting but those who are concerned about mobile data usage can manually update the app while connected to the WiFi. To check if there are any updates for NBA Live Mobile, players have to access the App Store (iOS) or the Play Store (Android). From the App Store, players should access the updates section. If the NBA Live Mobile app is found under the updates list then there is an update available. From the Play Store, players should go to My Apps menu that lists all apps installed on that device. Tap the NBA Live Mobile app and go to its Google Play store page. If there is a button saying update that means a new game version is out. Stay tuned with us for more articles about this game and buy NBA Live Mobile Coins from a trustworthy store will help you save a lot of time.